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Are you curious about what IPTV is? When we talk about streaming online, we use a lot of different terms. IPTV is one of them. We are going from traditional ways of broadcasting like cable or satellite TV to internet-based streaming, and IPTV is a big part of this change. Customers don’t care as much about owning the content as they do about being able to access it. IPTV comes into play at this point.
Let’s look more closely at what an IPTV box is, how it works and how it’s built, the different kinds of IPTV services from VectorGi, and what the future holds for IPTV solutions.


What is Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)?

IPTV stands for Internet-based Protocol Television. With IPTV, the internet is used to send live or on-demand TV shows and videos. IPTV is a system that uses Internet protocol technology to send digital TV service to a subscriber through a broadband or internet connection.
It’s a little different from the digital video that millions of people watch on sites or apps like YouTube or Netflix, but it has a lot of the same qualities of being everywhere and always there. Also, unlike cable or satellite connections, IPTV lets more than one TV in a home use the same subscription.
A subscriber to IPTV has the added benefit and convenience of being able to choose the program they want to watch and watch it whenever and wherever they want. This is in addition to being able to watch Live TV shows that are currently airing.

How does IPTV work?

IPTV is more like surfing the internet than flipping through channels. It only uses IP (Internet Protocol), which is a transport protocol that lets the videos get to the viewer. When a viewer clicks on a TV show or asks for a video, video from different sources (servers) is broken up into data packets and sent over the internet. Video servers send shows to homes with an internet connection through fiber-optic cables. Requests are sent and shows are sent back.

Types of IPTV

* IPTV does more than just send TV channels. It also offers the following interactive services:
* Video on Demand: When a subscriber gets video content on their own time. It lets users watch any movie in the library of the VoD server.
* Near Video on Demand: This is a pay-per-view video service for people who have signed up for nVoD. The schedule for content broadcasting is made ahead of time, so subscribers can look at the schedule and watch content that interests them.
* Time-shifted TV: With time-shifted TV, people can watch live broadcasts at a later time, so they can pause and start watching when it’s convenient for them. TV shows also have the option to go back in time.
* TV on Demand (TVoD): Certain TV channels are recorded so that they can be watched at any time.
* Live TV: with or without interactive features added to shows that are already being shown.

IPTV has different packages available.

  • 1 Month Subscription Package 10.00 GBP (One-Connection)
  • 1 Month Subscription Package 16.00 GBP (Two-Connection)
  • 1 Month Subscription Package 20.00 GBP (Three-Connection)


  • 3 Month Subscription Package 25.00 GBP (One-Connection)
  • 3 Month Subscription Package 40.00 GBP (Two-Connection)
  • 3 Month Subscription Package 50.00 GBP (Three-Connection)


  • 6 Month Subscription Package 45.00 GBP (One-Connection)
  • 6 Month Subscription Package 70.00 GBP (Two-Connection)


  • 12 Month Subscription Package 65.00 GBP (One-Connection)
  • 12 Month Subscription Package 105.00 GBP (Two-Connection)
  • 12 Month Subscription Package 130.00 GBP (Three-Connection)


IPTV today and in the future
IPTV has been growing steadily over the past few years. Now, there are more than 130 million IPTV subscribers around the world. Six million new subscribers is the most in the last 24 months up to the end of 2015. They were helped a lot by the usual suspects, like China, where 3.7 million new IPTV subscribers signed up in the fourth quarter of 2015.
In terms of the total number of subscribers, the most people live in Europe and Asia. But in terms of service revenue, Europe and North America bring in a bigger share of the world’s total. This is because China and India have very low average revenue per user (ARPU). Asia, on the other hand, is the fastest growing market and will eventually be the biggest.

1 Month Subscription Package

3 Month Subscription Package

6 Month Subscription Package

12 Month Subscription Package

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